STMicroelectronics Eases Connected-Sensor Design with User-Friendly Workspace for BlueNRG SoCs

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 14, 2021


STMicroelectronics’ WiSE Studio, is accelerating the design of smart, connected devices that leverage the latest Bluetooth technology.

Featuring a user-friendly and customizable development environment with an extensive list of ready-to-build examples, the new IDE helps both expert and inexperienced users jump-start their projects. 

Using WiSE Studio, a free-of-charge Integrated Development Environment (IDE) dedicated to the BlueNRG system-on-chip (SoC) product family, developers can learn, explore, and build applications and prototypes.

WiSE Studio allows seamless integration of ST BlueNRG SDK packages. The working environment can be installed quickly and free-of-charge. 

According to the company, WiSE Studio offers: 
•    A comprehensive workspace 
•    All the required drivers 
•    Libraries
•    Advanced sample code to build IoT nodes.

Developers can utilize the studio to create original solutions for industrial, smart-home, consumer wearables, and gaming applications.  This is accomplished by bringing together ST’s Bluetooth LE devices and MEMS sensors. 

The workspace supports BlueNRG evaluation kits out-of-the-box. This includes an onboard ST’s 6-axis inertial module (LSM6DSOX) with machine-learning core, finite state machine, and advanced digital functions or the pressure sensor (LPS22HB) or digital microphone (MP34DT05-A).

Designers can take advantage of the Bluetooth LE 5.2 features available in the devices, this includes:
•    2Mbps on-air for faster data transfer
•    Long-range communication
•    Multiple concurrent connections
•    Mesh networking
•    All with extremely low dynamic energy consumption, down to 18µA/MHz, for longer battery lifetime.

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