Product of the Week: ADLINK’s MECS-7120 Industrial Edge Server

January 29, 2024

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Product of the Week: ADLINK’s MECS-7120 Industrial Edge Server

Industrial environments today are retrofitted with high-processing, low-latency, and real-time networking solutions that enable them to handle complex workloads and data analytics with reliability and efficiency.  

The 1U 19” Industrial Edge Server, the MECS-7120, from ADLINK Technology is a rugged and scalable edge computing solution designed to support the deployment of 5G RAN and private network infrastructure. Powered by the single 4th generation Intel Xeon processor (formerly Sapphire Rapids-SP/EE), the edge server is well equipped to handle demanding applications in telecommunications, industrial automation, and other industries utilizing 5G technology.

ADLINK’s MECS-7120 Industrial Edge Server in Action

The MECS-7120 edge server is designed for 5G, DU, DU+CU, DU+CU+MEC, MEC, uCPE, and industrial edge computing, making the solution capable of handling radio-related processing, both distributed and centralized processing functions, and edge computing functions.

Equipped with six DDR5 DIMMs operating at 4800MT/s in a 6 channel, 1DPC configuration, the MECS-7120 server supports wide memory bandwidth, enabling quick access to large sets of data and stability across memory channels. Additionally, the server features BIOS firmware from American Megatrends Inc., stored on a SPI flash memory chip.

The industrial edge server solution also supports a variety of I/O, including two on-board 25G SFP28 Ethernet ports, two 1G RJ45 Ethernet ports, two USB 3.0/2.0 (front), one USB 2.0 Header (internal), one VGA port for graphics, and one RJ-45 COM port. Additional room for expansion and storage is provided by two different SKU configurations on the 1U rack unit.

Getting Started with ADLINK’s MECS-7120 Industrial Edge Server

Other important features to note before getting started is the compliance with RunBMC with AST2600 and IPMI v2.0/Redfish for remote management and monitoring. The optional clock module for time sync from GNSS supports timekeeping accuracy for industrial applications.

The MECS-7120 edge server also supports the Ubuntu server (32-bit/64-bit) and Microsoft Windows Server 2019 operating systems, as well as a plug-in TPM 2.0 module for security.

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