Bluetooth World 2018 to showcase the next 20 years of commercial and industrial wireless innovation

August 14, 2018

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Bluetooth World 2018 to showcase the next 20 years of commercial and industrial wireless innovation

NASA, Mall of America, T-Mobile, Bosch Power Tools North America, and more headline conference agenda on 18-19 September

Face-to-face meetings

Face-to-face meetings

Meet the Bluetooth SIG

Meet the Bluetooth SIG

At the fifth annual Bluetooth World event in Santa Clara, California, Bluetooth will display the next wave of revolutionary wireless solutions for consumer, commercial, and industrial markets. Since its inception 20 years ago, Bluetooth® technology has enabled the creation of markets never before imagined, including the wireless audio and connected device markets. Now, Bluetooth is breaking ground in emerging frontiers, transforming smart buildings, smart industries, and smart cities across the globe.

At Bluetooth World 2018, industry-leading speakers and exhibitors will demonstrate how Bluetooth is continuously expanding to meet the ever-growing needs of the Internet of Things (IoT), creating efficiencies, and delivering value-add enhancements across construction sites, emergency services, event venues, retail stores, and even in outer space.

Featured speakers and exhibitors include:


• Bosch Power Tools North America

• Cambridge Consultants

• Dialog Semiconductor

• Mall of America

• Mindtree

• Minew


• National Emergency Address Database (NEAD)

• Nectar

• Nordic Semiconductor

• Rigado

• T-Mobile

• Teledyne Lecroy

See a full list of exhibitors here.

“For the past 20 years, innovation from the Bluetooth member community has created the markets and shaped the connectivity experiences we can’t live without today," said Mark Powell, Executive Director at Bluetooth SIG. “Bluetooth World 2018 will be a celebration of those 20 amazing years and will provide attendees a glimpse into what leading manufacturers are planning for their future Bluetooth innovations.”

Attendees are invited to tour an expansive exhibition floor for free, where industry influencers and the Bluetooth SIG will share the latest products and insight, guiding visitors on how to best develop with Bluetooth technologies. Show floor stations will also provide live product tests and diagnostics, equipping attendees with information on building, qualifying, and marketing Bluetooth products.

An all-access pass, costing only $99, includes the following.

• Interactive developer sessions will provide practical, hands-on tutorials, including brand new sessions on Bluetooth mesh and Bluetooth beacon technology. Sessions are open to developers of all experience levels.

• The keynote theater welcomes executives and engineers from a variety of industries to realize exciting, new use cases in emerging smart markets. Speakers from top brands and start-ups in consumer and commercial industries will inspire and offer lessons learned.

• A panel celebrating the 20th anniversary of Bluetooth will feature an entertaining look at where Bluetooth started and where it’s headed in the next 20 years. Hear from Bluetooth pioneers – Ericsson, Nokia, Intel, and the Bluetooth SIG.

“First and foremost, the event is an excellent opportunity for us to learn and grow,” says Steve Statler, SVP of Marketing and BD, Wiliot. “The who’s who of the Bluetooth IoT industry will be there, and I’m looking forward to the unexpected as well as, of course, the networking.”

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