TAICENN Expound Our Modular 2.0 Concept

April 02, 2019

Press Release

TAICENN Expound Our Modular 2.0 Concept

TAICENN modular design concept to overcome industrial computer system industry pain points, so as to provide reliable computer quickly and efficiently.

TAICENN history
TAICENN history
Industry pain points
Industry pain points

Since our establishment, TAICENN positioned our core value as “Customization”, “Modular design” and “Reliability” for industrial computer system market. As a very important concept, TAICENN modular concept has reached to 2.0 version. Yesterday, TAICENN VP. Sales & marketing director Eason Tsang expounded modular 2.0 concept in the office, to share it with our customers from oversea.

Firstly, our VP. briefly introduced TAICENN company, and explained who is TAICENN technology, and what goal TAICENN want to achieve now and future. And it leads to modular 2.0 concept.

Secondly, when we say modular 2.0 concept to our customers. We have to understand what is “modular design 2.0” concept. From our experience and history, we found some general characters. Any computers, no matter consumer computer, or industrial computer system, are composed of CPU, RAM, Storage, and IOs (COM, Ethernet, USB, Display, CAN, WIFI, others…).

It just looks like children playing building blocks, and none of them will be bored to play with them. Why?

So, we assume all requested component parts for industrial computer system are all different building blocks. Once we develop sufficient “building blocks”, then we can build all what we want. It is our modular concept.

Thirdly, why do we propose “Modular concept”? What problems we really want to solve by using them?

As we all know, the features of industrial computer system include: ruggedized, wide-temp., specific, long supply, stable, reliable. Of course, everybody hopes to build industrial computer system with such features.

However, as a solution provider & manufacturer of industrial computer system, we always found it is very painful to us to supply a reliable industrial computer system. There are lots of pain points, such as small batch, multiple models, lots of customization, competitive cost from customers… It always leads to long delivery time, uncontrollable quality to product. To us manufacturer, it will lead to big inventory pressure.

Again, we realize that to play building blocks are a comfortable method to solve these problems. The only difficult is how to make out those “building blocks” effectively and quickly.

So, to solve the pain points of industrial computer system, it is our core value of “Modular concept”. Once, we are able to solve these pain points, we can fulfill customers’ requirements perfectly, also we manufacturer can supply reliable & stable goods, also rapidly and competitively.

Fourthly, we have to explain how to fulfill modular 2.0 concept. Simply, we thought modular concept are based on mainboards, IO modules, display panels. We only simply developed regular mainboards, and mold display panel. And this is modular 1.0 concept.

After go to modular 2.0 version, it will be a new standard. It refers to new design standard on mainboard, self-developed IO modules, MXM modules, aDoor modules…With these new parts, we are able to do any embedded Box computer, industrial panel PC and industrial monitors.

Finally, we are willing to satisfy our customers, no matter regular items and customized products. TAICENN is a turn-key solution provider & manufacturer of embedded Box computer, industrial panel PC and display monitors products.



Modular 2.0 concept can help us to solve the pain points of industrial computer system. And we make these modular 2.0 metal parts into mold production. Mold production also help us to cost-down price, and quick response to delivery. We ensure three horses are driven together.