Somewear Labs Introduces Hybrid Mesh/Satcom Radio to Expand Communications Platform

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 12, 2023


Somewear Labs Introduces Hybrid Mesh/Satcom Radio to Expand Communications Platform

SAN FRANCISCO. Somewear Labs recently announced the launch of Node, a multi-network device that will allow mission teams to securely, reliably, and efficiently communicate and coordinate during dynamic operations. Node is pocket-sized and includes automation technology to route data via mesh radio or satellite connectivity. Group communications within range of Nodes are powered by an encrypted, low latency mesh network. If a team member exits Node's mesh network range, the device autonomously delivers inbound and outbound data via the built-in satellite link.

Node utilizes Somewear's SmartBackhaul™, the company's proprietary data routing software, to build on the device's network redundancy by intelligently routing data across the mesh network to Nodes with the best satellite or cellular connectivity to act as optimal backhauls.

Node with SmartBackhaul™ technology enables individual mission team members carrying a device to act as dynamic backhauls, rather than remaining in range of a fixed backhaul infrastructure. This flexibility enables the establishment of uninterrupted connectivity, even in indoor and subterranean environments.

"The success of our platform and features like SmartRouting across cellular and satellite demonstrated our customers desire for a unified experience across all of their networks," said James Kubik, CEO of Somewear Labs. "Node is a massive leap forward in unifying communications through one platform, Somewear Grid, and ensuring continuous situational awareness in any environment."

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