Eta Compute’s Low Power AI Vision Board Accelerates Design, Test, and Deployment of Embedded Vision Solutions

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 11, 2021


Eta Compute’s Low Power AI Vision Board Accelerates Design, Test, and Deployment of Embedded Vision Solutions

Eta Compute and Edge Impulse will co-host a free webinar on March 31 to demonstrate the powerful advantages of the AI Vision Board and Edge Impulse’s embedded machine learning workflow.

Eta Compute announced its integrated, ECM3532 AI Vision Board, a low power embedded vision board that is designed to help developers accelerate time to market. Per the company, the board makes it possible to deploy vision applications that last for years on a single battery.

Eta Compute’s ECM3532 AI Vision Board’s small form factor (1.5”x1.5”), embedded battery, and low-power IoT/Bluetooth Low-Energy connectivity make it ideal for prototyping, field testing, and deployment of AI embedded vision applications. Its ultra-low-power operation is designed to eliminate barriers with traditional, tethered solutions or boards that have limited battery life and high-power consumption. The board includes three sensors (ambient light, microphone, accelerometer/gyroscope), a low power Himax HM0360 camera, and an expansion connector. The AI Vision Board is the second in a growing family of boards, modules, and systems designed by Eta Compute.

The ECM3532 AI Vision Board is supported by Edge Impulse’s machine learning development platform for suitable neural network development, making the design of energy-efficient vision endpoints seamless. The companies collaborated to integrate Eta Compute’s TENSAI Flow Software, optimizing the design flow for efficiency in embedded AI design for the next generation of intelligent devices.

The companies will co-host a free webinar to demonstrate the AI Vision Board on March 31. For registration information visit link.

The ECM3532 AI Vision Board is available now and can be ordered from Digikey or from the Eta Compute web site

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