Vecow and Stereolabs use NVIDIA for AI 3D Edge Vision

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 11, 2023


Vecow and Stereolabs use NVIDIA for AI 3D Edge Vision
Image Credit Vecow & Stereolabs

Vecow and Stereolabs have partnered to design solutions that combines Vecow Edge AI platforms and Stereolabs’ ZED stereo cameras for spatial AI applications and fast-tracking 3D vision innovations. Vecow leverages an NVIDIA Jetson Orin and NVIDIA Jetson Xavier environment in its EAC-6000, EAC-5000, EAC-3000, and EAC-2000 Series.

“We are excited to introduce this outstanding 3D vision solution through collaboration with Stereolabs,” said Thomas Su, Vice President at Vecow. "By combining Vecow's advanced computing platforms with Stereolabs' cutting-edge sensing technology based on human stereo vision, we are not only providing our customers with a powerful and seamless solution but also creating new business opportunities. This partnership accelerates the global development of AIoT projects."

Within the ECX-3000 Series is the latest 13th Gen Intel Core processor powering expandable and rugged AI-enabled abilities. The ECX-3000 includes a USB port transferring data around 20Gbps for real-time vision. The Vecow platforms are edge ready with Stereolabs' 3D cameras.

“We are happy to support Vecow's EAC Series providing out-of-the-box support for our ZED line of cameras and SDK. Developers can make use of Vecow's rugged designs, GMSL2 camera interface and USB interface, and our jointly developed driver for a wide range of applications that require robust connectivity, optimal performance and accuracy," said Cecile Schmollgruber, CEO of Stereolabs.

Stereolabs Spatial integrates:

  • Sensors
  • Smart cameras
  • ROS
  • Unity
  • OpenCV
  • Deep learning frameworks

The ZED X IP66-rated Global Shutter camera is designed for autonomous robots with Neural Depth Engine 2. Included is a secure GMSL2 connection and external frame sync and IMU contained in an aluminum housing.

"Developers can efficiently add depth perception, motion tracking, and spatial understanding to their applications leveraging the power of NVIDIA Jetson platforms and the capabilities and features of our ZED X cameras using the most advanced sensing technology based on human stereo vision and AI. Vecow’s is also the first system to support up to four cameras in a 360-degree view," ends Schmollgruber.

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