Best in Show Nominee: Synaptics Resonate

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Synaptics Resonate

Synaptics ResonateTM is a game-changing solution for embedded system designers that uses piezoelectric transducers mounted on the rear of the display to generate and project audio directly outward from the glass surface, while also providing haptic feedback and touch pressure sensing.

By removing the need for classic speaker drivers and open ports for audio, as well as the need for linear resonant actuators (LRAs) for haptic feedback, the innovative design saves space, lowers cost, and reduces power consumption (by up to 80%), while also improving system reliability by enabling water and dust ingress prevention. With Resonate, designers can implement a rugged, water and dustproof display, with high-quality audio and a more immersive viewing and interactivity experience, while also allowing both haptic feedback and touch pressure sensing, using the piezoelectric effect.

Resonate is uniquely positioned to solve the power, cost, space, and reliability problems associated with the development of rugged, reliable, interactive, embedded systems —while still providing a high-quality audio, haptic, and touch-sensing experience. As fully-capable audio/visual/sensing interfaces become increasingly important in the age of AI for embedded systems, Resonate provides an opportunity to rethink and differentiate designs while optimizing for the most critical application requirements.

For more information, visit or watch the video below.

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