TT Electronics Announces FlexSense: Optical Encoder Sensors 

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 08, 2022


TT Electronics Announces FlexSense: Optical Encoder Sensors 
Image Courtesy of TT Electronics

FlexSense advanced optical array integrates several subsystems on one SoC, shrinking solution footprint, shortening time to market, and cutting manufacturing costs.

TT Electronics released FlexSense, a technology designed to optimize optical encoder applications. The FlexSense series consists of the FS210 Transmissive Incremental Encoder and the FS310 Reflective Incremental Encoder Sensors. The FlexSense encoder sensor array vastly reduces the design complexities of optical encoder solutions. 

The FlexSense sensor integrates several key features including:

  • Auto-alignment capability
  • A closed-loop LED driver
  • On-chip diagnostics 
  • State-of-the-art 8x interpolator

Further, the fully programmable array system on chip (SoC) provides a solution that can adapt to a multiple range of code-disk diameters and pulses per revolution, as well as several LEDs available in the market. 

If the encoder code-disk is later altered, FlexSense can be reprogrammed to meet the new requirements extending the sensor's value-add to suit future designs and negating the cost of purchasing a different sensor.

For more information on the FS210 and FS310 performance specifications, visit



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