ABB Power Conversion Gives More Heart to its Barracuda Series

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 26, 2023


Image Credit: ABB Power Conversion

ABB Power Conversion added two low-power Barracuda-series DC/DC converters, the KBVS008 and KBVW010 modules.  They are 1/16th-brick bus converters used within distributed power architectures where they deliver higher voltage input to a lower voltage output, specifically for 5G and wireless networks. Both bus converters are applicable where power over ethernet (POE) is required.

The converters protect against overcurrent, overtemperature, and overvoltage while auto-restart is supported to aid in recovery after a fault is no longer present. Both the KBVS008 (12.7 mm high) and KBVW010 (10.7mm high) are reliable for indoor and outdoor environments where temperatures are above -40C and gift the ability to sustain competences of 92.5% at 48V input.

When supplied with an airflow of 200 linear feet per minute and ambient temps of 70oC, the open-frame version of the KBVW010 consistently operates at full capacity. Along with the open-frame design, a module with a heat plate is an option and both versions provide 120W output power along with input rangers from 36-75V.

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