Mouser New Product of the Week: TE Connectivity's (TE) Ruggedized Optical Backplane Interconnect System

May 08, 2023

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Mouser New Product of the Week: TE Connectivity's (TE) Ruggedized Optical Backplane Interconnect System

Demanding embedded computing applications require the ability to transmit data between electronic components at very high speeds, often averaging tens of gigabits per second or higher. To do so efficiently, an optical backplane interconnect would allow data to be transmitted at a significantly higher bandwidth and lower latency.

The Ruggedized Optical Backplane Interconnect System from TE Connectivity (TE) utilizes a fiber optic ribbon cable interconnect that passes through the backplane to removable system modules using MT (Mechanical Transfer) ferrules.

The system features a backplane/daughtercard configuration, which enables interconnections between multiple daughtercards, while also supporting the aforementioned high-speed, low-latency communication needs of embedded computing, avionics and vetronics, secure communications such as data center and telecommunications, radar, processing, and imaging and targeting applications.

TE Connectivity’s Ruggedized Optical Backplane Interconnect System in Action

Designed for VITA 66.1 and 66.4 standards, the interconnect system is available in full-size or half-size modules, where the VITA 66.1 modules feature a full width and enable the use of two MT ferrules for multi-fiber connections, and the VITA 66.4 modules are half width and enable the use of a single MT ferrule.

Additionally, to increase modularity, scalability, flexibility, and optical performance, two modules can utilize the same space as the VITA 66.1 modules. Connectors are also designed to support up to two MT ferrules.

The plug (daughtercard) connector housing makes use of a slot feature to facilitate cleaning the MT interfaces, and the receptacle (backplane) connector features two robust guide pins for blind mating. The receptacle connector insert floats relative to the shell, providing ±0.25mm of planar floating alignment potential. For backplane and daughtercard position support, the interconnect system also provides locating post features.

Getting Started with TE Connectivity's Ruggedized Optical Backplane Interconnect System

The connector shell and housing are protected in an alloy 606 housing and clear-chromate conversion-coating, and alignment posts and screws are stainless steel, 300 series, and passivated; all of which are RoHS-compliant. The connector mounting screws feature a pre-applied Nylok patch for vibration resistance, and the overall system is protected in a common protective cover composed of anti-static material.

The optical modules in the interconnect system are also compatible with VPX and other high-performance standards.

Additional mechanical and environmental features include:

  • Mating Force (per 12-fiber MT ferrule):
    • Min: 7.8 N (1.75 lb)
    • Max: 11.8 N (2.65 lb)
  • Durability: 100 cycles, tested per EIA-455-21
  • Shock: 50 g, sawtooth, 11 ms pulse duration, tested per TIA/EIA-455-14, condition E
  • Random Vibration: 11.95 grms, 50 to 2000 Hz, 2 hr per plane.
    • Tested per TIA/EIA-455-11, test condition V1-D
  • Storage Temperature: -55˚C to +85˚C
  • Operating Temperature: -20˚C to +85˚C
  • Thermal Aging: 168 hrs at +85˚C
  • Humidity, Steady-State: 95% RH at 60˚C
  • Temperature Cycling: 21 cycles between -20˚C and +85˚C

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