GigaDevice’s GD32F470/F427/F425 High-Performance MCUs for High-End Market Needs

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 13, 2023


GigaDevice’s GD32F470/F427/F425 High-Performance MCUs for High-End Market Needs

To meet the low-power, high-performance needs of today’s consumer and industrial applications, like advanced processing, communication networks, and human-machine interfaces, the GD32 microcontroller family from GigaDevice is based on the 240MHz Cortex®-M4 core for high-end processing, connectivity, and power efficiency, with intricate algorithm and security support.

The GD32 series includes the GD32F470/F427/F425 32-bit MCUs, which provide up to 38 different product configurations, as well as backward compatibility with GD32F450/F407/F405 MCU products. The GD32F470/F427/F425 MCUs are also offered in five package types which include LQFP64, LQFP100, BGA100, LQFP144, and BGA176.

To meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, part numbers in the GD32F470/F427/F425 MCUs with an extended operating temperature range of up to 105°C are designed to meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications such as photovoltaic inverters, AC/DC chargers, robots, distributed control systems, medical equipment, and more. The MCUs also meet the needs of consumer IoT devices such as drones, home appliances, LED display modules, printers, gateways, POS, barcode scanners, and more. 

Now in mass production, the GD32F470/F427/F425 MCUs can support development tools, and include GD32EVAL boards (GD32470I-EVAL, GD32470Z-EVAL) and the entry-level development boards (GD32F470V-START, GD32F427H-START, GD32F427V-START, GD32F427R-START). Per the company, these boards are designed to suit different GD32F4 MCU series packaged parts with an integrated onboard GD-Link programmer for testing.

GD32 MCU Development Ecosystem


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