Newark Expands Power Integrations Portfolio with InnoSwitch™3

November 18, 2021

Press Release

Newark Expands Power Integrations Portfolio with InnoSwitch™3
Photo Courtesy of Newark

InnoSwitch3 PowiGaN™-based ICs from Power Integrations achieve up to 95 percent efficiency across the full load range and up to 100 W output power in enclosed adapter implementations without a heatsink. 

Newark, an Avnet Company and global distributor of electronic components, products and solutions, has strengthened its portfolio of Power Integrations products to include the InnoSwitch3 IC family, featuring PowiGaN technology. This new product offering increases the number of GaN-based solutions available from Newark to support design engineers developing new products that require greater energy efficiency. 

Power Integrations' PowiGaN technology reduces switching losses, enabling chargers, adapters and open frame power supplies to be more efficient, smaller and lighter than conventional silicon alternatives. PowiGaN-based ICs achieve up to 95 percent efficiency across the full load range and up to 100 W in enclosed adapter implementations without requiring a heatsink. Common applications include:

  • Auxiliary, standby and bias power supplies for appliances and white goods
  • Computers and consumer products
  • Utility meters
  • Smart grid
  • Industrial power supplies

The InnoSwitch3 product family features EcoSmart™ energy efficiency, ensuring devices can easily meet global energy efficiency regulations. All products in the portfolio incorporate multiple protection features including line overvoltage and undervoltage protection, output overvoltage and over-current limiting, and over-temperature shutdown. InnoSwitch3 products now available from Newark include:

  • The InnoSwitch3-EP family dramatically simplifies the design and manufacture of flyback power converters, particularly those requiring high efficiency and/or compact size. It combines primary and secondary controllers and safety-rated feedback into a single IC. Devices are available with standard and peak power delivery options, and commonly used auto-restart protection behaviors.
  • The InnoSwitch3-Pro family enables the development of fully programmable, highly efficient power supplies in compact enclosures. The universal I²C interface aids dynamic control of output voltage and current, along with many configurable features. Telemetry provides reporting of programmed features and fault modes. InnoSwitch3-Pro ICs are ideal for AC-DC power supply applications where fine output voltage and current adjustment are necessary. 
  • The InnoSwitch3-CP family incorporates a high-voltage primary-side switch, primary and secondary controllers, and safety-rated feedback into a single IC. These devices offer a constant power profile and support the common combinations of latching and auto-restart behaviors required by applications such as quick charge and USB PD designs. The devices are available with and without cable-drop compensation.

InnoSwitch3 ICs, including EP, Pro and CP, are also available without PowiGaN technology, combining primary, secondary and feedback circuits in a single surface-mounted off-line flyback switcher IC. 

Lee Turner, Global Head of Semiconductors and Single Board Computing, at Newark said: "We are pleased to expand our range of innovative solutions from Power Integrations to include the InnoSwitch3, featuring PowiGaN technology. The company's range of highly integrated chips have the potential to eliminate millions of electronic components from AC-DC power supplies, gate drivers and LED lights while improving the efficiency of end-products. InnoSwitch3 ICs enable our customers to design products that can achieve efficient transmission and consumption of power in applications ranging from milliwatts to megawatts."

Power Integrations is a leading innovator in semiconductor technologies for high-voltage power conversion. The company's integrated circuits enable compact, energy-efficient AC-DC power supplies for a vast range of electronic products including smartphones, appliances, smart home and business automation, smart utility meters, LED lighting and numerous industrial and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Customers can also benefit from PI Expert™ Online, an automated power supply design software suite which supports both silicon MOSFET and PowiGaN-based devices. The web-based program speeds up the design process by enabling the selection of the best components and generating the full schematic, magnetics and BOM from basic parametric inputs.

Newark offers an extensive range of products in its comprehensive semiconductor portfolio to support design engineers. Customers also have free access to online resources, datasheets, application notes, videos, webinars and 24/5 technical support.

The portfolio of Power Integrations' InnoSwitch3 products featuring PowiGaN technology is now available from Farnell in EMEA, element14 in APAC and Newark in North America.

InnoSwitch, PowiGaN, EcoSmart and PI Expert are trademarks or registered trademarks of Power Integrations.