The Road to embedded world '23: Paris, France, TrustInSoft

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 06, 2023


TrustInSoft will be exhibiting at Embedded World 2023 at booth 4-461. It will be showcasing how its technology is used by market leaders in the consumer electronics, IoT, telecoms, automotive, and critical industries for the exhaustive verification of embedded software.

TrustInSoft believes in using the power of mathematics to dramatically increase software security, reliability, and safety. With TrustInSoft Analyzer, software developers and testers can mathematically guarantee the absence of bugs in their source code and significantly reduce software testing efforts thanks to an advanced source code analysis powered by formal methods.

TrustInSoft is democratizing formal methods for industrial use. For companies for whom the impact of having a bug on the field is significant, TrustInSoft Analyzer provides an easy-to-use, exhaustive static analysis tool for C and C++ programs to identify all troublemaking “undefined behavior” bugs like buffer overflow, uninitialized memory, division by zero, use-after-free, and more. The mathematical analysis detects all bugs and raises very few-to-no false alarms, allowing the developer to keep their focus on real problems that need to be corrected.

Having a mathematical guarantee that these bugs are not in the code provides the software developer and tester with reassurance that software crashes and runtime errors due to these bugs will not occur, and that hackers cannot take advantage of these bugs to take control of the software or access secret data. Companies that use TrustInSoft Analyzer have noted a 4 times decrease in software verification efforts, and a 40 times reduction in bug detection time.

When you stop by at their booth, don’t hesitate to check out the Demo Station and see TrustInSoft Analyzer live in action. Live presentations and demonstrations at the booth will show exactly how TrustInSoft Analyzer can detect all undefined behaviors which would be impossible or too time-consuming to detect with standard testing methods. This technology brings new levels of confidence for consumer electronic devices that were not previously possible. Some bugs are dangerously subtle and frequently go undetected with standard testing methods. TrustInSoft’s innovative technology not only detect these bugs but also helps developers save time in fixing them by pointing them quickly to the root cause thanks to its interactive investigation GUI.

According to Fabrice Derepas, CEO of TrustInSoft, “TrustInSoft believes in the power of mathematically guaranteed software verification. In an increasingly complex technical landscape, it has become too easy to discover product problems only after they have been deployed. Verifying software code with formal methods can avoid many of these issues, which are often costly to remedy after the fact.”

Not your usual static analysis tool

Mathematically prove C and C++ source code quality and maximize code safety and security with TrustInSoft Analyzer.

TrustInSoft Analyzer was the first in the world to meet the SATE V Ockham criteria of the NIST for exhaustivity and soundness.

You won’t want to miss TrustInSoft’s presentation in the Embedded World conference:

  • March 15, 2023 – 11:30 – 12:00pm
  • Session 4.4: Safety and Security, Formal Methods
  • Title: Practical Applications of Formal Methods-Based Code Analysis on Low-Level Embedded Components for Greater Code Security and Safety
  • Speaker: Olivier Korach, Senior Technical Presales Engineer

The presentation will cover how formal methods can ensure embedded software does not crash and is immune to cyberattacks. Olivier will show why formal methods are particularly relevant for low-level code analysis and demonstrate through a practical application on Trusted Execution Environments their value on quality, safety and security of low-level embedded software.

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