GOEPEL Transcends its SYSTEM CASCON Further with 4.9.0

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

March 22, 2023


Image Credit: GOEPEL

GOEPEL introduced the latest itineration of its SYSTEM CASCON software, 4.9.0. The ratification includes new features within the configurable Production Inspector, IEEE standard 1149.1-2013 (complementing the system software), ViPX technology at IC level with integrated ViPX Netlist, and faster execution of JAM/STAPL files on SFX II controllers.

Configurable Production Inspector

A supplemental synopsis of the test status batch is provided by a simple display of applications of the run. Applications are inputted line by line in a table, a second column dynamically accepts the test results. Various units under test (UUT) can be testing in parallel, with one column of data per UUT. Significant passages in the text are highlighted for quicker identification.

IEEE standard 1149.1-2013 complements the system software

Support for IEEE standard 1149.1-2013 enables the division of the boundary list for shortening scan chain when testing partial external circuits. Power domains are maintained and begin in a non-active phase of testing, and only activate when required.

ViPX technology at IC level and with integrated ViPX Netlist

Added to ViPX is the ability to simply display complex board and test information utilizing the visualization tool.

A new piece of the ratification is ViPX at IC level, producing visible internal scan structures of an IC. Collaborating with standard 1149.1-2013, the IC contains boundary segments visualizing the subsequent structure simplifying power domains and triggering probabilities of segments. The displayed portions are created as a circuit diagram to allow input of notes on devices and nets.

Faster execution of JAM/STAPL files on SFX II controllers

An essential added feature enhances execution of JAM/STAPL files on SFX II controllers of CASCON 4.9.0, achieved by an embedded JAM/STAPL player in the SFX II controllers, which reduces transmission communication between controller and PC.

Further information: goepel.com.


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