Thermal Analysis Function Added to ROHM Solution Simulator

By Brandon Lewis


Embedded Computing Design

December 09, 2021


ROHM Semiconductor has added a new thermal function to its Solution Simulator, a free web-based simulation circuit for coupled electrical and thermal analysis in near-actual application conditions. The new function allows automotive and industrial engineers to collectively verify thermal issues on driver ICs and power devices on different circuits, and can be implemented for designs like PTC heaters for electric vehicles, DC/DC converter ICs, and LED drivers where heat dissipation issues are likely.

According to ROHM, the Solution Simulator allows thermal analysis that previously took a day to be performed in 10 minutes. It enables this by permitting users to check part temperature before prototyping versus after, which reduces eliminates rework. The Solution Simulator has been tested in uses spanning component selection and system-level verification thanks to measurements such as:

  • Semiconductor chip (junction) temperature during operation
  • Pin temperatures
  • Thermal interference of board components on passive components, power semiconductors, and ICs

The Simulator supports verification of a range of ROHM products, including SiC power semiconductors, driver and power supply ICs, and passive components like shunt resistors. 144 circuits are currently supported by the tool, shown in the diagram below.

For more information or to try the Solution Simulator for yourself, visit


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