VIAVI Xgig 5P16 Delivers New Functionality for Improved PCI Express 5.0 Testing

By Taryn Engmark

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

September 21, 2021


VIAVI Xgig 5P16 Delivers New Functionality for Improved PCI Express 5.0 Testing

VIAVI Analyzer/Exerciser/Jammer platform boosts testing productivity for PCIe 5.0 architecture, accelerating time to market for new network equipment.

Viavi Solutions Inc. announced that the VIAVI Xgig 5P16 platform now supports analyzer bifurcation and multi-user functionality, enabling multiple users and simultaneous tests on a single platform. These changes allow simultaneous protocol analysis for PCI Express® (PCIe) 5.0 data traffic at all layers of the stack, speeding time to market and controlling total cost of ownership for development and production of next-generation products. Marvell is an early adopter of the enhanced Xgig PCIe5 platform.

The ability to accommodate multiple users on the same platform, either locally or remotely, creates a wide range of possible testing configurations and enables faster equipment debug and development. Simultaneous testing of multiple PCIe 5.0 links increases productivity of each analyzer chassis for reduced cost-per-test/cost-per-user metrics, fueling operational and cost efficiencies for improved return on investment. 

The bifurcation and multi-user capabilities are supported on both the VIAVI Xgig 5P16 and Xgig 5P8 platforms, providing flexibility for managing device configuration, allocation, and software expenses. Unique to VIAVI, the Xgig platform integrates analyzer, exerciser, and jammer functions on the same chassis. This design allows users to further optimize equipment to meet operational and budgetary requirements.

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