Easy Control of a Cloud

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

June 22, 2023


Easy Control of a Cloud
Image Credit: MemVerge

Milpitas, California. MemVerge announced a new automation platform built on MemVerge’s Cloud Automation 2.0 technology. Leveraging low-cost Spot instances, the Memory Machine Cloud Essentials, Pro, and Enterprise ensures high-availability for various non-fault-tolerant applications, delivery continuous optimization of cloud resource utilization during runtime.

The solution is confirmed Spot Ready with AWS and has embedded development environments such as Jupyter Notebook, RStudio, Nextflow and Cromwell. Jon Jiang, COO, MemVerge said, "Memory Machine Cloud democratizes cloud computing by making it extremely simple to run apps in the cloud and by automating the previously complicated tasks of optimizing cost, performance, and availability."

Key Benefits of Memory Machine Cloud

  • Non-cloud-experts empowered to cloud compute
  • Spot is now safe for non-fault-tolerant apps 
  • Optimize continuously during runtime 
  • No user experience changes are needed for users  
  • Free software that's essential for every organization 
    • Memory Machine Cloud Essentials is free forever including:
      • Float job automation service 
      • WaveWatcher resource and cost observability service

For more information, visit memverge.com.

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