Percepio Releases Tracealyzer 4.6 with Improved Zephyr and ThreadX Support

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 09, 2022


Percepio Releases Tracealyzer 4.6 with Improved Zephyr and ThreadX Support

Percepio released Tracealyzer 4.6 with official support for Zephyr RTOS and Microsoft Azure RTOS ThreadX.

The new release also includes Percepio’s next generation trace recorder library with improved support for snapshot trace. Snapshot recording opens the door to using Percepio DevAlert, Percepio’s cloud service for monitoring application code executing in deployed IoT devices.

Per the company, the new trace recorder in Tracealyzer 4.6 is designed to be far easier to port to other software platforms, and to allow more efficient monitoring of deployed IoT systems and tracing of multi-core systems. The new recorder library features more efficient snapshot recording, where trace data is saved in a ring buffer on the target system, for both Zephyr and ThreadX, in addition to the previously supported streaming recording.

According to Percepio CEO and founder, Johan Kraft, "Both streaming trace and snapshot trace are now supported in the same solution and use the same trace format, which makes it far easier to maintain and improve. Moreover, this will soon enable us to provide an official SDK for partners and customers that wish to integrate Tracealyzer and DevAlert with their RTOS of choice, or with bare-metal firmware.”

“Tracealyzer support for Zephyr is a very welcome addition to the embedded and IoT ecosystems. The ability to visualize code execution is a key tool for developers working with resource constrained devices to be able to efficiently debug defects and release products,” says Kate Stewart, VP of Dependable Embedded Systems, The Linux Foundation.

Another innovation is the new dynamic legend feature, which is designed to improve legibility of Tracealyzer’s timeline views, so users can see which events belong to which process or thread. This is ideal for operating systems such as Linux, where the number of threads can become unwieldy.

Additionally, the new Tracealyzer recorder library is now integrated into Zephyr and will be included in the upcoming Zephyr 3.0 release.

Tracealyzer 4.6 is available now from Percepio’s web store and through Percepio’s worldwide network of distributors.

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