Arduino Pro Redefines Smart Agriculture with the New Edge Control

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 10, 2021


Arduino Pro Redefines Smart Agriculture with the New Edge Control

Arduino PRO announces the launch of the Arduino Edge Control, a smart remote solution for monitoring and control, designed to deploy AI on the edge.

Optimized for outdoor environments and able to be places anywhere, the solution is ideal for precision farming, smart agriculture, and other applications requiring intelligent control in isolated locations.

The Arduino Edge Control is able to connect sensors, provide real-time monitoring, and automatically drive actuators - such as latching valves commonly used in agriculture - reducing production-related risks. Through this solution, smart agriculture sensors collect data about weather conditions, soil quality, crop growth, and more. The data is then sent to the Arduino IoT Cloud, where analytics can be retained to support business at different levels - enabling better decisions about equipment efficiency, plant growth, and staff productivity, or even automating processes such as fertilization, irrigation, and pest control to boost the quality of crops and minimize human error.

During product development, Arduino partnered with Challenge Agriculture to integrate the Edge Control into Irriduo, the French company's new smart irrigation solution and water management application, the first in a new generation of water management products. Commenting on the launch, Arduino's CEO Fabio Violante said, "People are constantly needing to solve everyday problems and improve productivity through their own creativity and ingenuity, and we truly believe they can do this with the Edge Control. We are ready to help companies take the next step in agricultural automation, providing smart irrigation solutions and the ability to apply machine learning on the edge to optimize crop production and increase yields."

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