Embedded Toolbox: Let's Build A Robot, Part 4 – Integrating OpenCV & the TurtleBot

July 20, 2021


In this episode of Embedded Toolbox, Part 4 of our “Let’s Build a Robot Series,” Mihai Dragusu of Wind River’s technical team joins us to integrate OpenCV on top of our ROS/VxWorks foundation. 

As one of the most popular computing frameworks available today, OpenCV will help accelerate the development and integration of obstacle detection and avoidance algorithms that we will deploy on our robotic target: the Open Source Robot Foundation’s TurtleBot. Thanks to all of the open source libraries and utilities, Mihai shows how we can integrate these components into our existing ROS and VxWorks container infrastructure quickly, easily, and deterministically. We even have a little extra fun by setting up a gamepad that we’ll use to control the TurtleBot in Part 4.

Are you ready to play? Tune in for the last big phase of our intelligent robot system build.