Take Advantage of the Edge Evolution at the 2023 Advantech Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 25, 2023


Image Credit: Advantech

Advantech’s Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference (WPC) will host collaborators all around the world to help shape the future of embedded and emerging business technology. From November 30 – December 2, 2023, the WPC will be held in Linkou Taiwan and will examine a broad range of topics including AIoT, EV infrastructure, robotics, and more.


During the conference, learn how Advantech leverages AI in conjunction with edge computing to support high performance data processing, innovative visual analytics, and system control for efficacy and cost reduction. Cybersecurity and how every aspect of infrastructure is at danger will be discussed focusing on prevention and detection.

EV Infrastucture

Included in Advantech’s EV lineup are domain-focused interfaces and protocols, value-added software and services, and its reliable industrial grade design. Advantech’s rapid EV charger solution delivers a cloud, hardware, and firmware secured compact board with complete coverage of industrial buses in a rugged design built for uncontrollable external environments.


Advantech brings robot solutions to everybody no matter the scale of operation. Its future proof robot platforms bring vision AI acceleration, real-time motion, wireless connectivity, and a secure OS with LTS. Utilizing Advantech’s Edge AI Suite Software, Multi-Camera Interface, and AI Acceleration Cards brings patrol robots, collaborative robots, AMRs, and robotic arms to life.

Things to see at the 2023 Advantech Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference

  • Three-Year Roadmap of AIoT
  • Leading AIoT Innovators
  • 50+ Tech and Application Focus Areas
  • 80+ Showcases

Additional Topics

  • Edge+ software services, edge AI, high-performance edge computing, low-power IoT edge
  • Rugged and emerging markets in Green Energy, 5G & Networking
  • Innovations in Industrial Peripherals & Software Distribution Services
  • Building partnerships in vertical markets
  • Executive 1:1 and in-depth discussions
  • Experience IoT solutions at Advantech’s new state-of-the-art facilities

For more information on the 2023 Advantech Embedded-IoT World Partner Conference, visit wpc.advantech.com.

Additional information on Advantech can be found here.


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