7L600: EKF Introduced its First ModBlox7-Based Product

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 22, 2024


Image Credit: EKF

EKF* introduced the 7L600, its first ModBlox7-based product at Embedded World. The 7L600 is a single-pair Ethernet (SPE) switch combining modularity with superior computing power and innovative interfaces. The switch is designed as a multifunctional gateway in a wide range of IIoT or retrofit applications and able to act as an edge computer for (real-time) data pre-processing and data collection leveraging an on-board ARM CPU.

The 7L600 delivers seven 100 BASE-T1 ports and two 1000BASE-T uplinks satisfying IEC 63171-6. The SPE ports are hi-pot isolated cooperating with the Open Alliance BroadRReach standard. A Marvell 88Q5072 Ethernet controller is utilized to support AVB, TSN, and facilitates seamless configurations via local or remote management functions.

According to EKF, an optional switch can be expanded by an ARM-based mezzanine controller card, appropriate for additional protocol support, switch management, and real-time data processing, for example, and thus transforms the switch into an edge computer.

For more information, visit ekf.de/product/7l600

*Editor’s Note: The company played a key role in the standardization of the new PICMG standard ModBlox7™, which combines the advantages of modular standards such as CompactPCI® and CompactPCI® Serial with the typical box PC requirements such as cost efficiency, small form factor and low weight. The subdivision into different functional units enables a flexible system structure - even with modules from different manufacturers.


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