Will You Be at the Virtual 2022 RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference?

By Clive (Max) Maxfield

Electronics & Computing Engineer, Freelance Marketing Consultant/Writer

May 26, 2022


Will You Be at the Virtual 2022 RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference?

Are you involved in developing embedded applications for the internet of things (IoT)?  If so, you really should be aware of RT-Thread, which is a tiny IoT operating system.

Born in 2006, RT-Thread is an open-source, neutral, and community-based real-time operating system (RTOS). With low resource occupancy, high reliability, and high scalability, RT-Thread can be used in sensing nodes, wireless connection chips, and a variety of resource-constrained and high-performance applications.

With its middle-tier components and hardware and software ecosystem, RT-Thread can also be considered an IoT platform, with almost every basic component required for IoT devices, such as network protocols, file systems, low power management, etc.

RT-Thread also supports all mainstream compiling tools such as GCC, Keil, IAR, etc., and a variety of standard interfaces like POSIX, CMSIS, a C++ application environment, Micropython, and Javascript, helping developers port a range of applications. RT-Thread also offers commercial support to all of the mainstream CPU architectures, such as ARM Cortex-M/R/A, RISC-V, MIPS, X86, and Xtensa.

The reason I’m telling you all of this is that RT-Thread is presenting the 2022 RT-Thread IoT OS Global Tech Conference, which will take place June 1-3, 2022. This free to attend virtual conference is open to engineers and managers from around the world.

If you are interested in learning more, View the Agenda and Register Now before all of the (virtual) seats are taken.

As you will see from the agenda, each day of this three-day event is divided into three groups of 30-minute presentations with a 10-minute break between each group. Some highlights include:

Day 1

Advanced Endpoint Intelligence with Renesas: Presented by Mohammed Dogar, Vice President at Renesas Electronics Corporation, this talk will explain how Renesas can help to advance Endpoint intelligence.

RISC-V: The Road Ahead: Presented Stephano Cetola, Director of Technical Programs at RISC-V International, this is where we will discover the current state of RISC-V specification ratifications, the roadmap for RISC-V in 2022, and the status of RISC-V desktops and servers.

DSPs, Real-time Workloads and the Need for RTOS: Ori Leibovich, Senior Manager of Embedded Software & DevOps at CEVA, explains how newer generations of DSPs support features that are important for addressing IoT markets, and also how DSPs and the RT-Thread RTOS can be used together.

Day 2

RT-Thread Smart Micro-Kernel Operating System: Bernard Xiong, Founder of RT-Thread, answers the questions: What is a micro-kernel operating system? What is RT-Smart? Who needs RT-Smart? What are some different application scenarios?

PikaScript, An Ultra-lightweight Python Engine Under RT-Thread IoT OS: In this presentation, Lyon, who is a PhD student in instrumentation science, will introduce PikaScript, which is an open-source, ultra-lightweight Python engine that can run with RT-Thread on microcontrollers with as little as 4KB of RAM and 32KB of Flash.

Model-based Designed Autopilot with RT-Thread RTOS: Presented by Josh Zou, who is the author of open source Firmament (FMT) Autopilot, will discuss how FMT can be used in conjunction with RT-Thread to quickly and easily build the control system for autonomous vehicles such as UAVs, automobiles, ships, and robots.

Day 3

Impressive GUI with LVGL and SquareLine Studio for RT-Thread-Powered Boards: In this presentation, Gábor Kiss-Vámosi, Founder of LVGL, will introduce the key benefits of using the LVGL library and its drag-and-drop UI editor, called SquareLine Studio, for creating graphical user interfaces targeting embedded systems.

RT-Thread for Field-Oriented Motor Control: In this presentation, Tristan Ritchie, who is a Software Engineer at the Cambridge Design Partnership engineering consultancy, will detail the kernel and board support package (BSP) optimizations that are required for high-performance field-oriented motor control.

The Power of IoT-Running RT-Thread on ESP8266: In this presentation, Recan, who is an ESP8266 expert with IoT and RTOS expertise, will provide an analysis of the rapid development and advantages of RT-Thread in the field of RTOS. Among other topics, Recan will offer an in-depth overview of how the ESP8266 equipped with RT-Thread competes in the IoT.

Remember that the talks discussed above are just a sampling from each day; there are many other presentations scheduled for the conference.

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