Full Body Sensing with Bosch at CES 2024

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 09, 2024


Image Credit: Bosch

Las Vegas, Nevada / Reutlingen, Germany. Bosch will unveil its new BHI380 Smart Connected Sensors platform at CES 2024 where it will be demonstrating at booth #17207. The solution enhances motion tracking applications with hardware, software, and ready-to-use wearable reference designs. Available is up to eight Bluetooth connected sensor nodes for movement assessments in rehab, sports/fitness, and gaming.

It is a programmable IMU-based sensor system using AI functionality and supports a wearable reference design (certified CE, FCC, ISED, MSIT, SRRC, MIC, NCC, UKCA) that is easily attached to any body part without cables, external camera, or bodysuits.

The BHI380 eight wireless sensor nodes will communicate directly with a central node that will include Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), magnetometers, and pressure sensors.

Software Highlights

  • Gesture and Activity Recognition
  • Body Movement Detection
  • Relative Body Angle Information
  • Feedback Coach

“For applications using Smart Connected Sensors, our new platform significantly reduces the amount of effort required from designers, enabling them to cut time to market and focus more on their specific expertise,” said Stefan Finkbeiner, General Manager and CEO at Bosch Sensortec.

For more information, visit bosch-sensortec.com.

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