MaxBotix Introduces its Ultrasonic Tank Sensor

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 14, 2024


Image Credit: Maxbotix

Brainerd, Minnesota. MaxBotix introduced its MaxBotix Ultrasonic Tank Sensor and RangeTrack application aimed at transforming liquid level monitoring and sensor integration processes.

MaxBotix Ultrasonic Tank Sensor offers up to 1 mm resolution, multiple range options (up to 16.5 meters), and a wide operating temperature range (-40ºC to +65ºC). It delivers low power consumption and advanced range of information ideal for level monitoring and automation.

"Our Ultrasonic Tank Sensor empowers users to confidently monitor tank and liquid levels across many styles of containers," says Scott Wielenberg, Sales Manager at MaxBotix. "It's a comprehensive solution to eliminate guesswork and prevent disasters."

RangeTrack offers connectivity with MaxBotix sensors equipped with USB cables, reducing custom wiring and additional software. It accelerates sensor performance validation reducing development time with a user-friendly environment.

"RangeTrack showcases the advanced capabilities of MaxBotix sensors without complex setups," adds Scott Wielenberg.

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