Olea Sensor Networks Launches OleaVision360

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


June 12, 2019


Olea Sensor Networks Launches OleaVision360

OleaVision360 is a novel guidance system for drones and autonomous applications.

Olea Sensor Networks revealed its OleaVision360™, a patent-pending guidance system for use on drones and other autonomous applications.

The OleaVision360:

  • Has a sensor that is designed to continuously scan the drone's surroundings and terrain below using only one ultra-light weight sensor housed in a 100 mm (4-inch square) device
  • Provides situational awareness with a hemispherical field of view (front, back, sides, below and/or above) sans the use of rotors or beam-forming technologies
  • Can decipher animated from in-animate objects
  • Provides capability for autonomous applications in flight, robotic, industrial and automotive applications
  • Conducive for remote inspections in the mining, construction, engineering, agriculture and environmental industries when viewing from a specific distance or height in order to prevent interference with existing equipment and sensors
  • Braves the elements including dust, rain, snow and total darkness sans lighting

Olea Sensor Networks will be showcasing the OleaVision360 and other technologies at the Sensor Expo 2019 in booth 435 from June 26 to 27 in San Jose, CA.

Learn more at www.oleasys.com

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