Jolly Module: How to Upgrade Your Arduino Uno Projects

February 22, 2022


Jolly Module: How to Upgrade Your Arduino Uno Projects
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After helping to create the Arduino UNO, one of the most successful electronic boards in the world of makers, I have developed an idea: why not think of something that would allow all owners of this board to make an evolutionary leap, launching it into the modern, interconnected world of IoT?

The challenge is simple and at the same time complex: to create a device that can replace the microcontroller of the Arduino UNO without altering the characteristics of use, or compatibility, and while giving it Wi-Fi connectivity at the same time.

The extreme ease of use and low cost have made the Arduino UNO, and all compatible boards, the most widely used platforms for the creation of hundreds of thousands of projects and objects, involving an ever-growing community of hobbyists, students, enthusiasts, artists, programmers, and professionals. But nowadays, the necessary step forward for all owners of this type of platform is to be able to use them via Wi-Fi. Wireless communication infinitely extends their potential and propels them into the new world of IoT.

But to allow you, the owners of an Arduino UNO, to continue to use it to create new incredible
projects, something special was needed: a Jolly capable of adapting to your board, giving it new energy and new lifeblood, without forcing you to change your habits or buy other expensive boards (which may not be compatible).

Jolly is a new electronic module for makers and Arduino UNO lovers. This Arduino Uno-compatible module has integrated Wi-Fi to infinitely extend the potential of your projects into the new world of IoT.

Thanks to the addition of the Wi-Fi interface, the functionality of the Arduino UNO can finally be extended, turning it into an IoT device. To date, all the projects made for the Arduino UNO are mutually compatible with this module.

Just remove your Arduino UNO ATMEGA microcontroller, replace it with the Jolly
module, and you will have an IoT board with Wi-Fi. You’ll be able to maintain full compatibility in the pinout, firmware, and hardware architecture of your existing projects.

The Jolly is perfect both for use on Arduino UNO to replace the ATmega328P, and to be soldered on other boards as a stand-alone module.

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Gianluca Martino is an electronic engineer and Arduino co-founder. From 2005 to 2015 he was responsible for development, sourcing, logistics, production, quality, and marketing of Arduino, globally.

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