Ventana Demonstrates its Veyron V2 at the RISC-V Summit

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

November 08, 2023


Ventana Demonstrates its Veyron V2 at the RISC-V Summit
Image Credit: Ventana

Cupertino, California. Ventana Micro Systems Inc. released its Veyron V2, claiming it is the most powerful, and complete RISC-V processor offered in the form of chiplets and IP. A 40% performance improvement was created utilizing significant microarchitecture enhancements, superior high performance processor fabric architecture, and enhanced cache hierarchy. A Software Development Kit (SDK) is delivered with proven software building blocks from Ventana’s RISC-V platforms.

“Veyron V2 represents a leap forward in our quest to lead the industry in high-performance RISC-V CPUs that are ready for rapid customer adoption,” said Balaji Baktha, Founder and CEO of Ventana. “It substantiates our commitment to customer innovation, workload acceleration, and overall optimization to achieve best in class performance per Watt per dollar. V2 enhancements unleash innovation across data center, automotive, 5G, AI, and client applications.”

Veyron V2 Highlights

  • Fifteen wide, aggressive out-of-order pipeline
  • 3.6GHz
  • 4nm process technology
  • 32 cores per cluster
  • High core count multi-cluster scalability up to 192 cores
  • 128MB of shared L3 cache per cluster
  • 512b vector unit
  • Ventana AI matrix extensions
  • Provided with server-class IOMMU and Advanced Interrupt Architecture (AIA) system IP 
  • Advanced side channel attack mitigations
  • Comprehensive RAS features
  • Top-down performance tuning methodology
  • Veyron V2 Development Platform available

Ventana will be showcasing the Veyron V2 at the RISC-V Summit main exhibit hall. An exhibition of the Veyron V2 will be offered by Greg Favor, co-founder, CTO and Chief Architect at Ventana.

Ventana Founder and CEO Balaji Baktha will share the details of Veyron V2 during the RISC-V Summit North America 2023

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