BCM Introduces New ECM-3455J Single Board Computer

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

May 27, 2021


BCM Introduces New ECM-3455J Single Board Computer
Photo Courtesy of Company

The product includes a very impressive quad-core CPU coupled with 32GB onboard eMMC storage successfully bridging value and performance. 

Additionally, the ECM-3455J brings reliability through fanless operation and features like dual display, dual LAN, M.2/uSIM, and 9-36V wide-range DC-in support.   For universal appeal, the ECM-3455J supports Android in additional to the standard Windows 10 and Linux compatibility.

According to the company, the highlights include:

• CPU onboard - 14nm Intel® Celeron® J3455 Quad Core 10 watts TDP low power SoC processor with integrated Intel® HD Graphics 500
• eMMC onboard - the onboard 32GB eMMC is convenient and cost effective for most industrial applications.  The J3455 quad-core CPU offers exceptional value-performance for applications in industrial, medical, healthcare, factory, and retail markets.  For applications requiring larger capacity, there is the traditional M.2 socket or a manufacturing option for 64GB eMMC for qualifying OEMs on a build to order basis.
• Fanless operation with a heat-spreader using a solid aluminum block to help transfer and release the heat without the reliability concern of an active fan
• Enables slim product design - the CPU chip sits on the back of the circuit board allowing space for more key connectors such as M.2, uSIM, mini-PCIe and LVDS to be embedded on the top side of the SBC also enabling easy installation and access for add-on cards as well as minimizing the enclosure size.
• Robust I/O including Cellular Communication Friendly - M.2, mini-PCIe with SATA/ uSIM support, I²C, SMBus, plus two Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, and TPM 2.0 for hardware based security
• 9V - 36V Wide Range DC-in vs. common 12V - 24V - adding additional value and flexibility to suit wider range embedded applications
• Supports Dual Display, Dual LAN, 8 USB, 2 COM ports
• Multi-OS support - Windows IoT, Android and Linux OS
• Excellent Value-Performance Ratio

ECM-3455J is an ideal small form factor embedded computing solution offering exceptional value-performance for applications in industrial, medical, healthcare, factory, and retail markets.:


For more information, visit bcmcom.com

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