GigaDevice Semiconductor GD32F470 Series of High-Performance MCUs

June 16, 2022


Image Provided by GigaDevice

The GD32F470 MCU series provides high performance, real-time processing, increased storage capacity, rich peripheral interface, and enough capacity to fulfill customer demand worldwide. Adoption of the 40nm advanced process can meet the requirements of the increasing sophistication of the MCU control system, achieving lower power consumption, effectively extending the life of the end device while enhancing system reliability and safety, and reducing the silicon area of a single chip to achieve better cost-effectiveness.

  • Cortex®-M4 Core @ 240 MHz
  • Support H/W DSP instructions + FPU
  • Zero-wait state execution from Flash memory
  • Flash from 512 KB to 3072 KB
  • SRAM from 256 KB to 768 KB
  • EXMC interface support external SDRAM & SRAM
  • Up to 8 x UART (9Mbit/s)
  • Up to 6 x SPI (30Mbit/s)
  • Up to 3 x I2C (400Kbit/s)
  • Up to 2 x CAN2.0B
  • Up to 2 x I2S
  • Support SDIO, Ethernet MAC
  • Support USB OTG FS+HS
  • 8-14bit Camera Interface + IPA
  • LCD-TFT controller up to XGA resolution
  • Up to 3 x 12bit, 2.6M SPS ADCs (up to 24 chs)
  • Up to 2 DACs
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