Mouser Electronics to Deliver Atmosic's Energy Harvesting Bluetooth SoCs

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 06, 2023


Mouser Electronics to Deliver Atmosic's Energy Harvesting Bluetooth SoCs
Image Credit: Atmosic / Mouser

Atmosic Technologies and Mouser Electronics, Inc. heralded a distribution partnership signifying Mouser’s delivery of Atmosic's portfolio of low-power energy-harvesting wireless Bluetooth system-on-chips (SoCs) and evaluation kits. Atmosic's portfolio was developed based on sustainability so engineers can create devices that can utilize one battery for the device’s maturity, while some devices operate without any batteries, due to the Atmosic's SoC’s low power consumption.

"Many well-known, tier-one consumer brands are already in high-volume production with Atmosic's products, which is a testament to their commitments to sustainability and is also a great sign for designers looking to develop their own eco-friendly products," said Andy Kerr, Vice President of Supplier Management at Mouser.

The wireless environments can collect energy from light, motion, thermal, and radio frequency (RF) and supports AirFuelRF wireless power specification that leverages RF technology for several components to be charged and/or energized simultaneously from another location in the distance.

The launch will see Mouser stocking Atmosic's evaluation kits along with the SoC series ATM2 and ATM3. The ATM2 and ATM3 SoCs integrate an ultra-low power Bluetooth LE with an embedded power management unit. The ATM3 includes intelligent management of energy harvesting sources for efficiency, longer battery life, or battery-free management. Mouser will further enhance its inventory later in the year.

Kerr ends, "With Atmosic products now in stock at Mouser, IoT product developers around the world have immediate access to their extremely low-power wireless portfolio."

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