The Problem with the CHIPS Act, Part 2

June 09, 2022

The Problem with the CHIPS Act, Part 2

On this episode of Embedded Insiders, Brandon and Rich explore the imminent ratification of the MATTR standard and what opportunities it could introduce in real, regular life situations.



Next, Brandon and Rich are once again joined by Corporate VP of Government Affairs at Microchip Technology, John Costello, for part two of their discussion on state-of-the-art vs. state-of-the-practice in semiconductor manufacturing, and where the weight of the CHIPS Act should be thrown.

Finally, associate editor Tiera Oliver is joined by Gary Jackson, CEO of intelligent automation company Drishti and Huri Mendoza, Head of Operational Excellence Electronics at HELLA, an automotive parts supplier, to understand how Drishti’s AI gesture and action recognition technology helped HELLA streamline their automotive production process.

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