Vicor's Power-on-Package solution provides up to 1,000A peak current

March 06, 2018


Vicor's Power-on-Package solution provides up to 1,000A peak current

Newly enhanced chip set improves processing performance for HPC, data center and automotive applications

Vicor\'s Power-on-Package solution
Vicor's Power-on-Package solution

Vicor today announced a new Power-on-Package (“PoP”) ChiP-set including Modular Current Multipliers (“MCMs”) for high performance GPU, CPU, and ASIC (“XPU”) processors. PoP MCMs multiply current and divide voltage from a 48V source in close proximity to XPUs to enable higher levels of XPU performance. Power distribution efficiency and system density rise beyond the limitations of conventional 12V input multi-phase voltage regulators lacking current multiplication. Power-on-Package is an enabling technology for high current Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) processors and 48V autonomous driving systems.

Power-on-Package modules build upon Factorized Power Architecture (FPA) systems deployed in high performance computers and large scale datacenters. FPA supports efficient power distribution and direct conversion from 48V to sub-1V XPUs. With current multiplication deployed in close proximity to high current processors, PoP MCMs overcome previous barriers to improved performance.

A pair of MCM4608S59Z01B5T00 (MCMs) and a MCD4609S60E59H0T00 Modular Current Multiplier Driver (MCD) provide 600A continuous and up to 1,000A peak at up to 1V. Modular Current Multipliers (MCMs) are suitable for co-packaging within the XPU substrate or adjacent to it. Close proximity to the XPU eliminates substantial power loss and bandwidth limitations incurred in the “last inch” of the current delivery path from the boundaries of 12V multi-phase regulators.