Opal Kelly Announces XEM8310 FPGA Development Module for Xilinx Artix UltraScale+

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 20, 2022


Opal Kelly Announces XEM8310 FPGA Development Module for Xilinx Artix UltraScale+

Opal Kelly announced the XEM8310-AU25P development module for the Xilinx Artix UltraScale+ FPGA. The module features Opal Kelly's FrontPanel SDK for programming high-performance, software-connected FPGA applications.

The XEM8310-AU25P features the Xilinx Artix UltraScale+ XCAU25P-2FFVB676E FPGA and USB 3.0 Type C SuperSpeed interface. The module also includes 12 high- speed gigabit transceiver lanes via Artix UltraScale+ transceivers. Artix UltraScale+ GTY transceivers support serial standards such as 10 GbE, JESD-204B, DisplayPort, PCI Express, SATA, HD-SDI, XAUI, and Aurora up to 16.375 Gbps.

The XEM8310 includes the FPGA, USB Type C SuperSpeed connector, 2 GiB DDR4 memory, 32-MiB serial flash, two low-jitter fixed-frequency clock oscillators, and is self- powered by a single DC supply (+7.5 to +15 VDC). The new module is delivered in a compact 100mm x 70mm (3.94" x 2.76") form factor with three Samtec mezzanine connectors to mate with a customer's logic board.

“Designers can take their high-performance proof-of-concept builds from our newly- released XEM8320 Development Platform and quickly and economically scale them up to production deployments incorporating the XEM8310 module,” said Jake Janovetz, president of Opal Kelly.

Janovetz continued, "Both the XEM8320 development platform and the XEM8310 integration module are built on the same production-ready FrontPanel SDK. The common environment enables engineers to quickly migrate from development mode to production deployment. We are excited to offer these high-performance FPGA companion products to simplify the journey from prototype to proof-of-concept to production – resulting in lower risk and faster entry into the marketplace."

The XEM8310 and Artix UltraScale+ FPGA were designed for production applications such as: LIDAR, RADAR, software-defined radio, advanced photonics, and high frame rate machine vision.

The Artix UltraScale+ FPGA is part of Xilinx's latest smaller, thinner, cost-optimized portfolio. System integrators can use the XEM8310 boards featuring these FPGAs to take proof-of-concept development into production for a breadth of markets including industrial automation, machine vision, healthcare sciences, networking and communication, test and measurement, broadcast, consumer, transportation, and AI - enabled applications.

The XEM8310 is fully supported by Opal Kelly’s popular FrontPanel SDK, a trio of firmware, software, and gateware that connects software applications, FPGA gateware, and external hardware via the module's USB Type C SuperSpeed interface. The FrontPanel SDK adds tremendous value to the XEM8310 by enabling application- specific engagement and integration from Opal Kelly development platforms to their production modules.

The FrontPanel SDK dramatically reduces development time and risk and accelerates time-to-market. Its multi-platform, multi-language application programming interface (API) is designed to demonstrate success in production industrial applications.

The XEM8310-AU25P is available now through Opal Kelly’s online web store at $1,149.95 each. Discounted pricing is available under the company's Step Pricing program for volume deployments starting as low as 30 pieces.

For more information, visit: opalkelly.com 


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