Product of the Week: Advantech’s AIMB-592 Server-Grade Motherboard

July 17, 2023

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Product of the Week: Advantech’s AIMB-592 Server-Grade Motherboard

The AMD EPYC 7003 series microprocessor is the centerpiece of Advantech’s AIMB-592, the first server-grade motherboard in the company’s AIMB series of products. To further performance, the board takes advantage of four steel PCIe 4.0 “by 16” slots and supports a GPU extension. Its complete feature set makes the AIMB-592 an ideal solution for data-intensive applications at the Edge of the IoT.

It’s clear that performance takes center stage here, as the AIMB-592 supports up to 64 CPU cores and 768 Gbytes of memory onboard (using six DDR4 RDIMM slots). It also boasts dual 10-Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, dual 2.5 Gigabit LAN, and dual slimline functions (using dual PCIe 4.0 ports).

Eight SATA 3 interfaces provide the data storage performance needed for applications like medical workstations and high-speed test equipment. Support is included for IPMI 2.0 to improve device security and monitoring while ensuring future-proof networking and reducing labor costs and time to market. Additional I/O can be handled through five USB 3.2 ports (four at the rear and one internal to the board).

Advantech’s AIMB-592 in Action

Intelligent remote management services are provided using an M.2 M-Key and IPMI 2.0. The onboard M.2 M-Key supports a high-speed NVMe SSD, which opens the board up for a host of compute-intensive applications. The AIMB-592 also leverages six DIMMs to support up to 768 Gbytes of DDR4 memory, with a total data bandwidth of 153.6 Gbytes/s for applications requiring simultaneous high-speed workflows, including Edge-based AI and machine learning.

Further evidence of the board’s high performance comes from the use of the 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors, with up to 64 cores and 256 Mbytes of L3 cache memory. Hence, the board can handle data encryption without any performance degradation.

Getting Started with Advantech’s AIMB-592

Each of the AIMB-592’s four steel-reinforced PCIe Gen 4 x16 slots offers a bandwidth of 152 Gbytes/s bandwidth, enabling support for diverse expansion capabilities in machine learning and deep learning applications at the Edge. As such, it supports the use of double-deck GPUs, 4 by single-slot GPUs, and other accelerator cards to deliver excellent graphics performance. Embedded operating system support comes in the form of Windows Sever 2019, Linux Ubuntu, and WISE-DeviceOn.

The Advantech AIMB-592 server-grade motherboard is available now.

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