Synopsys and Microsoft Launch First Broad-Scale EDA Cloud SaaS Solution

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

April 04, 2022


Synopsys and Microsoft Launch First Broad-Scale EDA Cloud SaaS Solution

Synopsys announced a new cloud-optimized electronic design automation (EDA) deployment model that delivers chip and system design flexibility via a single-source, pay-as-you-go approach.

Synopsys Cloud provides access to the company's cloud-optimized design and verification products, with pre-optimized infrastructure on Microsoft Azure to address higher levels of interdependencies in chip development.  

In recent years, chip development teams began leveraging a "bring your own cloud" (BYOC) approach offered by Synopsys and other EDA vendors, where chip development teams are required to source compute infrastructure from public cloud service providers and are frequently constrained by pre-defined design and verification capacity. Synopsys is working closely with its preferred cloud partner, Microsoft, to transform the landscape through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) chip development solution on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. With the SaaS approach, customers can directly access and pay as they go for cloud compute resources and for any Synopsys cloud-enabled design and verification product.

Customers who already have cloud resources through a BYOC model can also take advantage of Synopsys Cloud and its pay-per-use cloud-enabled EDA tools. The collaboration with Microsoft Azure will enable design teams to benefit from flexibility and faster time-to-market, addressing today's systemic complexities in chip design and verification. Read more from Microsoft about this collaboration and its benefits.

Synopsys is working together with major foundries to streamline access to required manufacturing collateral for use with its cloud-optimized products. The roadmap for the collaboration aims to provide customers with a flexible, cloud-optimized approach for accessing and managing foundry collateral.

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