embedded world 2021 conference: IO-Link for Industrial IoT

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

February 08, 2021


embedded world 2021 conference: IO-Link for Industrial IoT

Learn how IO-Link can help you reach your goal of digitalizing your business.

On Monday, March 1st, Florian Bader from AIT and Dominik Deschner from Stego will be discussing IO-Link as a future standard for digital communication and for industrial IoT at the first all-digital embedded world exhibition and conference. IO-Link provides ideal and cost-efficient integration into existing automation systems, which is why both companies have chosen IO-Link for the basis of their own IIoT solution. In this session, Bader and Deschner explain their journey and learnings from knowing nothing about IoT to building their first prototype and implementing an IIoT solution in the cloud.

To register, visit: https://www.embedded-world.de/en/participants/reasons-for-participating.

Or, for more information, visit: https://www.aitgmbh.de/ or https://www.stego-connect.com/en


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