Best in Show Nominee: Menta SAS's eFPGA IP

March 09, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Menta SAS's eFPGA IP

Menta provides eFPGA IP for integration into SoC/ASIC. Menta's design-adaptive, third-party, standard cells based architecture and tool set provide a high degree of design customization, testability, and fast time-to-volume for SoC designs targeting any production node at any foundry.

Menta's standard cells based approach enables engineers to rapidly port the eFPGA to whatever new process geometry/variant they need – even in industrial and rad-hard grade versions. Menta IPs are fully verifiable within customer EDA environment and are designed to address various markets and applications including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cryptography or telecommunication algorithms.

The eFPGA solution allows hardware to be reconfigured in the field after manufacturing, giving end products more upgradeability and longer life cycles. Menta also provides eFPGA as Soft RTL IP. The IP hardening is then done by the customer. Menta's eFPGA soft IP is compatible with any standard EDA tool flow. Menta is offering one more layer of Design flexibility and SoC customization: a soft IP, which can be implemented in any technology node.

For more information, visit Menta.

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