Eliminating Vulnerabilities in Third-Party Code with Binary Analysis

July 05, 2017


Eliminating Vulnerabilities in Third-Party Code with Binary Analysis

The risks of incorporating 3rd-party code & best practices for securing it.

The majority of software that runs on embedded devices is now developed by external sources, not in-house development teams and source code is often unavailable. Without access to the source code, commercially available static source code analysis tools cannot fully account for the security consequences of executing the third-party code in an application. GrammaTech has developed an advanced new capability that uses binary analysis to examine third-party code without requiring access to source code. Extending security efforts into third-party code can accelerate development cycles, improve the security of software, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.  Adding binary analysis to the development process helps organizations deliver more trusted applications to customers and eliminate potential liabilities due to vulnerable third-party code.

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