iDenfy Enhances Its Identity Verification Platform With New Face Authentication Feature

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 19, 2022


iDenfy Enhances Its Identity Verification Platform With New Face Authentication Feature

The global digital identity verification and fraud prevention company, iDenfy, introduced a new feature to its automated ID verification toolkit, Face Authentication. The newly launched service will help authenticate existing customers by eliminating account takeover threats.

iDenfy claims to have created a smart feature using the most reliable biometric authentication data – the face. Based on identity verification market research and the demand for user-friendly Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions, iDenfy designed a new facial recognition implementation.

According to the enterprise, the customer completes the whole process in three simple steps. First, they need to go through the standard identity verification using their face. Then, the customer performs simple head movements. Lastly, after receiving the ID verification results, due to the new Face Authentication feature, the service will instantly tell whether the customer performing face authentication is the one who completed identity verification in the first place.

iDenfy’s goal is to prevent fraud and simplify identity verification, which led the company to create the Face Authentication feature. As said by iDenfy, the new service welcomes back the customers without them having to go through the full, lengthy identity verification process. As an illustration, iDenfy compares its new feature to a standard password or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

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