Linking Together for Critical Systems: PikeOS and Matlab Simulink Code

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 25, 2023


Klein-Winternheim, Germany. The safety certifiable Simulink has been embedded with PikeOS, a real-time operating system and hypervisor. Simulink is a modeling software extension from Matlab ideal for designing technical-physical and financial mathematical models. The models are translated into binary by way of Matlab's Embedded Coder and executed through PikeOS.

"I am pleased that with the integration option of Simulink code in PikeOS, we are now providing our customers with a handhold on how they can develop more easily, quickly and securely. The possibilities range from rapid prototyping to very complex projects that would normally be much more expensive and complex to manage," said Dr. Oliver Kühlert, Head of Innovation Lab at SYSGO.

With the collaborating technologies, developers can create applications that can be safely executed in mixed-critical environments like driver assistance systems, complex circuits, flow models, and control systems. The pre-certified PikeOS delivers Intrusion Detection top security with the help of Secure Boot, Intrusion Detection, Trusted Execution Environment, and more.

Certified at level EAL 5+against the Common Criteria security standard, the PikeOS Separation Kernel (v5.1.3.) will ease development time using native execution of automatically generating code into PikeOS partitions. The partitions operate side-by-side on an integrated device or environment.

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