Concurrent Technologies Releases a Mission Critical Dual Enclave Switch Card

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

August 18, 2023


Image Credit: Concurrent

Concurrent Technologies is now delivering its Dual Enclave Switch Card, Iris, a Plug-In-Card (PIC) supporting secure high bandwidth switch connections between each PIC. Ideal applications are force protection, situational awareness, command and control, and mission computing.


The Iris was developed by an anonymous partner of the US Department of Defense focusing on electromagnetic spectrum solutions

“Iris fills the last high-value gap in our systems portfolio and leveraging this functionality from a trusted partner enables us to deliver leading-edge products to market at an increasingly swift cadence. Over the last year, I have personally met our partner a number of times as we have built our mutual respect based on aligned values and the desire to support each other’s business,” said Miles Adcock, CEO of Concurrent Technologies.

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