UltraSoC Launches Next-Generation Bus Sentinel

By Laura Dolan

Senior Copywriter


October 11, 2019

UltraSoC Launches Next-Generation Bus Sentinel

Embedded monitors detect, block and record attacks, prevent propagation.

UltraSoC’s Bus Sentinel can detect, block and record cyber-attacks in many applications including cars, factory robots and consumer devices.  

The UltraSoC Bus Sentinel enables SoC designers to maintain entry to sensitive areas of their devices, immediately identifying and blocking suspicious transactions, securing against current and future cyber threats.

The new Bus Sentinel module also:

  • observes and controls the internal bus of an SoC, monitoring how the chip’s interconnected sub-blocks are working together
  • comes with storage units that can record data for filter use in future transaction identification
  • has a modular design that helps it support any bus protocol for commonly used on-chip buses including Arm APB, AHB, AXI-4 and ACE

The UltraSoC Bus Sentinel is projected to be available Q1 2020.

Learn more at www.ultrasoc.com.

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