The CodeMeter Family From Wibu-Systems is Now Universal and Versatile with AxProtector JavaScript

By Tiera Oliver

Associate Editor

Embedded Computing Design

October 01, 2021


The CodeMeter Family From Wibu-Systems is Now Universal and Versatile with AxProtector JavaScript
(Image Courtesy of Wibu-Systems)

The CodeMeter family of protection, licensing, and security solutions made by Wibu-Systems is becoming even more universal and versatile.

This versatility is provided by AxProtector JavaScript, a dedicated tool for JavaScript applications included in CodeMeter Protection Suite, the developer toolbox.

Wibu-Systems, the protection and licensing professionals from Karlsruhe, have long been committed to bringing their expertise to the JavaScript world. The CodeMeter Protection Suite, used to protect and license applications with Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology, now includes AxProtector JavaScript. The dedicated version of the AxProtector encryption and protection tool allows developers to encrypt their applications either completely or with modular encryption for more creative customization, and to integrate licensing deep and tamperproof into the resulting applications. Optionally, the IP Protection Mode adds protection against reverse engineering without licenses, making it an ideal choice for securing valuable intangible assets in demo or freemium software without worrying about IP theft.

AxProtector JavaScript is fully integrated with the CodeMeter family of license distribution and management solutions, including the CodeMeter License Central for the handling of the licensing process and a choice of license containers, ranging from tough CmDongle hardware containers or industry-grade ASICs to software and even entirely cloud-based CmCloudContainers.

Per the company, the addition of AxProtector JavaScript puts all the technical sophistication and creative commercial potential of CodeMeter at the fingertips of JavaScript developers and users. Whether they are manufacturers interested in securing JS-based server apps that run their business operations or developers of desktop applications looking for more straightforward software licensing and protection, CodeMeter is the ideal choice with its technology and commitment to cross-compatibility and universality that closely mirrors JavaScript’s own principle of one technology working everywhere: on servers or on premise, stand-alone or in a Docker Container, on a single computer or in a connected landscape.

AxProtector JavaScript can encrypt, protect, and license node.JS server applications and standalone Electron applications. Even without direct support for browser applications, this covers the entire backbone of the JavaScript world, including the server-side, hidden machinery that makes the traditional, user-facing browser app function in the first place. The automation features built into AxProtector make adding these protections ideal. Without need for many manual interventions or laborious cross-compiling, the applications are encrypted in a single procedure or in a modular method-by-method configuration for more customizability, and they stay encrypted until and only exactly when they are needed. With minimal impact on performance, the licenses – if any – are checked and the protected JavaScript code is decrypted on-the-fly to allow the application to run or activate a separately protected feature.

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