CES 2023 News: WebMob is Ready-to-Launch

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

January 04, 2023


WebMob Technologies will display its newly developed ready-to-launch solutions at CES 2023. Exhibited solutions will cover AI, AR, and future transportation for online operation. Pramesh Jain, CEO WebMob said, “Technological advancements and trends are continuously evolving, making the digital space a better place to earn & sustain a lifelong business venture. Embrace it and be successful with the right set of tech partnerships and deployment services.”

Visit Booth No: #6, Hall: D, Block No: 55735 to learn more about the following WebMob Ready-to Launch Environments.

Hiring and recruiting software:

  • Fill company needs with candidate data and receive profiles that match who and what you are recruiting for, with an online hiring model

Taxi solution:

  • Transform your standard taxi service with white-label software that is a ready-to-launch Uber Clone platform

Virtual phone call solution:

  • For smooth communication from employees and users, the telephonic software will produce a personalized internet number and improve efficacy with Twilio and unlimited digital talk-time

On-demand entertainment app:

  • A better quality listening and reading experience is included with the on-demand solution to optimize your specific online presence

WebMob Technologies is available at CES 2023 for: 

  • Free consultation with experts
  • Ready-to-launch solution demo
  • Agile app development services
  • A valid quote

For more information, visit hireoquick.com.


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