Embedded Toolbox: Integrating Python into NI’s LabVIEW: Part 2

April 27, 2023

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On the last episode of Embedded Toolbox, David Prida, solutions marketer at NI, demonstrated how you can use NI’s LabVIEW graphical programming tool to quickly and easily create a temperature measurement workflow. This week, the saga continues with an added bonus: Python!

Python is a rising star in the programming world thanks to its flexibility and simplicity. Based on this popularity, NI’s latest release of LabVIEW includes increased support for Python integration. In this episode, Auston Stanton, senior solutions marketer at NI, elaborates on the previous temperature measurement workflow with a quick Python addition for conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

We’ll also get into how the Python integration can be beneficial to teams that have different departments working with different versions of the program, as well as where virtual environments fit into the equation.