Best in Show Nominee: Everspin EM064LX

March 10, 2023


Best in Show Nominee: Everspin EM064LX

The EM064LX is the highest performing persistent memory in the industry. It reads and writes at 400 Megabytes per second over the eXpanded SPI interface, with byte level addressability. With a capacity of 64 Megabits, it has over 4X the capacity of prior serial non-volatile memories.

There is no concern for the number of times that you write to the EM064LX, it won’t wear out; and will retain its data for >100 years at 70 degrees C. A new era of unified memory applications is enabled, replacing products such as SRAM, nvSRAM, and NOR memories. Targets applications are embedded systems in Industrial IoT, Process Automation and Control, FPGA Configuration, Aero/Avionics, Medical, and Gaming.

Everspin Technologies is a long term supplier of unique memory solutions to the embedded computing market. This new 64Mb product, developed in Spin-transfer Torque MRAM technology, provides higher density at faster read and write speeds as compared to previous offerings. Now embedded systems designers have the best of all worlds in a single memory device: speed, write cycle endurance, capacity, and data retention, with all of it in a standard, easy to use memory interface. Other types of non-volatile memory such as NOR or NAND Flash all have slow write times and can wear out in just thousands of cycles.

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