Data Logging with Infineon's Automotive-Qualified EXCELON F-RAM in 1Mbit and 4Mbits

By Chad Cox

Production Editor

Embedded Computing Design

July 17, 2023


Image Credit: Infineon

Munich, Germany. Two innovative Ferroelectric RAM (F-RAM) memory devices were added to Infineon Technologies AG’s EXCELON FRAM series. With both 1Mbit (first automotive-qualified serial FRAM) and 4Mbit densities, the devices are AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified, operating between -40°C to +125°C. The read/write capabilities climb to 50MHZ in SPI mode and in Quad SPI (QSPI) mode, 108 MHz.

Ramesh Chettuvetty, Vice President RAM Solutions at Infineon offered, “The Demand for memory densities tailored to specific use cases has grown as the number of applications requiring data logging have increased. Infineon is committed to providing our customers with the flexibility to meet the memory architecture requirements of any system design.”

The devices use SPI or QSP serial interfaces with a low energy drain of 1.8 V to 3.6 V in the general 8-pin SOIC form. The 10 trillion read/write set maturity enables data logging that clocks in at 10 microseconds lasting upwards of 20 years.  

“Data logging requirements are growing rapidly in automotive systems, as trends toward broader use of electronic systems and industry regulations have encouraged the use of high-reliability non-volatile memories in airbag safety systems, along with engine control and battery management systems,” ends Chettuvetty.

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