embedded world DIGITAL: Highlights and Innovations from Swissbit

March 02, 2021

Press Release

embedded world DIGITAL: Highlights and Innovations from Swissbit

Industry-optimized memory products for a wide range of applications & hardware-based security solutions for the IoT.

At embedded world 2021 DIGITAL, Swissbit will focus on its expanding memory solutions portfolio of highly reliable, industrial-grade product ranges. Highlights include the S-5x SD and microSD card family, the G-2x CFexpress 2.0 card series and the EM-3x BGA device in the e.MMC-5.1 standard. For embedded IoT applications, Swissbit will focus on its certified TSE solution, which is now also available as a cloud application. The array of product highlights will be rounded off with the Swissbit Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi and the presentation of a completely new product family: the iShield Camera Series - a plug-&-play security solution for protecting camera data.

Swissbit AG, which acquired controller specialist Hyperstone at the turn of the year, sees embedded world DIGITAL as the ideal platform to strengthen its position as a leading supplier of durable memory products of industrial quality as well as forward-looking solutions for security and embedded IoT.

Memory solutions: a strong portfolio for all industrial requirements

With the S-5x memory card family, Swissbit addresses customers who are confronted with demanding applications. Based on industrial 3D NAND technology, the S-50 and S-56 series cards combine flash chips, a powerful controller and firmware in a robust housing to deliver maximum reliability. All models in the S-5x family comply with the SD-6.1 specification and support full SPI mode. This makes the S-5x portfolio particularly suitable for applications that include data recorders, industrial PCs, automation controllers, POS terminals, medical devices and surveillance cameras.

The CFexpress card series G-20 is characterized by very high reliability, performance and data protection features. The pluggable storage media, available in capacities of up to 480 Gb, target applications in the fields of industrial automation, transportation, and medical technology with a high-performance interface adhering to 2-lane NVMe 1.3 and PCIe Gen 3.1 specifications. This positions the G-20 series as a high-performance addition to industry-standard removable media.

Solderable, reliable and cost-efficient

Swissbit is expanding its range of miniaturized memory solutions with the EM-3x series. The BGA device in the e.MMC-5.1 form factor combines a modern controller with industrial-grade 3D NAND and optimized firmware that supports demanding applications. These features make the EM-3x particularly attractive for use in embedded IoT applications, in automotive environments or in factory automation.

Embedded IoT Solutions: unique security for data and devices

In the area of hardware-based security solutions, Swissbit focuses on its certified range of TSEs (Technical Security Equipment) for tamper-proof recording of POS data. In addition to its established solutions for individual devices and networked cash register systems (LAN), the Swissbit Cloud TSE completes the portfolio with a variant for online or cloud cash registers. This enables Swissbit to provide all businesses with timely and legally compliant solutions to convert cash register systems by March 31, 2021, while offering maximum flexibility for all use cases.

For the widely used Raspberry Pi hardware platform, Swissbit offers an easy-to-implement security solution. The Swissbit Secure Boot Solution consists of a PS-45u-DP microSD card "Raspberry Edition" and a software development kit. This enables the effective securing of the Raspberry Pi bootloader, thereby encrypting or write-protecting boot and application code, proprietary know-how and intellectual property.

Premiering at embedded world DIGITAL, Swissbit will be offering a first glimpse of a completely new product family. The iShield Camera series will enrich the portfolio in the field of security products in the future. The host-independent plug-&-play solution in the form of a microSD card enables encryption and access protection for recorded camera data. It is compatible with popular still image and video recording devices. Manufacturers specifically benefit from the plug-&-play approach that enables easy retrofitting of existing systems. Possible applications range from dashcams and drones to bodycams and wildlife cameras. Further details on the iShield Camera series will be announced by Swissbit shortly.

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